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My school, my memories
This Monday is the first day of school in second semester. Mariyem and Paiman go to school together. They are very happy because they are very satisfied with the report card. Of 13 subjects, only 9 are getting a value of less than 50.

Mariyem : hai Paiman, how are you? we have not met 2 weeks
Paiman : hai Mariyem. I am fine,and you.
Mariyem : I am fine too thank you
Paiman : wah,Mar, you more beautiful..hehee
Mariyem : so sweet.. by the way what about your report card?
Paiman : alhamdulillah,my value is good. My red value only 9 subject
Mariyem : wow same with my rating
Paiman : that’s very good.. by the way we have a new friend in my school
Mariyem : are you serious. I don’t know about it.

Finally, they've arrived at school. The bell is rang.

Teacher : assalamu’alaikum students
Students : Wa’alaikumsalam Sir..!
Teacher : how are you today?
Students : I am fine thank you.
Teacher : Okey, before we study,let’s pray together.oke.
Students : Okey..
Teacher : siph.. Let’s pray together please do.
Stop..thak you. Okey, Today, we will have a new friend. Atun, come here..! come here.( Paiman menatap Atun dengan serius,karena atun sangat cantik(diiringi lagu Pandangan Pertama) This is Atun
Atun : Hai friends,
Students : Hai…
Atun : My name is Atun. I come from Bandar Lampung.if in jogja,we know
bandar adisucipto
Mariyem : That is bandara not bandar…sableng….!!!!!
Teacher : Okey Atun, sit down please.
Atun : Okey Sir..
Paiman : ( Setelah Atun duduk). Atun,what is your phone number??
Atun : After school Paiman..i give you my phone number after school
Teacher : Okey students,now, I want to test your ability..
( Guru menulis soal dipapan )
Teacher : Okey,3 minutes and than collect to me
Paiman : ( Menyontek Atun sambil memandangi atun)
Teacher : Paiman…. why do you cheat Atun???
Paiman : I am sorry Sir.
Atun : Paiman not cheat Sir..!!!!
Teacher : hasssyahhh… Paiman,now you must clean the toilet….go out now…go
Paiman : yes Sir (muka sedih sambil merunduk)
Atun : Oh… I was very sad, paiman was punished (Muka sedih,, sedangkan
Mariem tetap mengerjakan dengan teliti)
Teacher : 1 minutes again..
Teacher : timeouts. Please collect now ( Bel berbunyi)

Meanwhile, Paiman is cleaning the toilet

Paiman : ( Sambil membersihkan toilet ) oh Atun,you are very beautiful.i hope You want to be my girlfriend.. Ohhh Atunn..I love you full,I like you Atun,I love you forever…

unexpectedly, Atun was behind Paiman.

Atun : Paiman,…!!
Paiman : Oh,Atun. Did you hear my conversation earlier?
Atun : Yes, I hear it. I love you too Paiman
Paiman : Whattt????? Are you serious Atun?
Atun : Yes..( mereka berdua sangat gembira)
Paiman` : Thank you toilet….

Lesson begins again. Atun and Paiman were in class

Teacher : Okey, now,we will study english language..
Paiman,do yo clean toilet?
Paiman : Yes Sir.
Teacher : Okey, now we will study about Antonyms. Do you know antonyms
Mariyem : Yes Sir. Antonyms is antonyms
Teacher : Good…now I will mention word,so,students antonymed my all word..ok
Students : Okey Sir
Teacher : good, answer together
Teacher : long
Students : short
Teacher : clever
Students : stupid
Teacher : go
Students : Return
Teacher : Right
Students : Left
Teacher : haha and than eat
Students : Haha and than hungry
Teacher : Hah?? Hungry???
Students : Hah?? Eat???
Teacher : not hungry
Students : not eat
Teacher : That is false
Students : That is true
Teacher : False…!!!
Students : True…!!!
Teacher : This is not question students
Students : This is answer Teacher
Teacher : This is not question
Students : This is answer
Teacher : students?????
Students : Teacher????
Teacher : if you like this when finished
Students : if you like this when started
Teacher : students ????
Students : Teacher???
Teacher : finished finished
Students : Started started
Teacher : disperse…disperse
Students : collect….. collect
Teacher : collect….. collect
Students : disperse…disperse

Finally,all students disperse. They are go to home. And than the teacher is very angry. He does not want to be a teacher forever.

_ _***THE AND***_ _